TGBF | Take Me to Your Leader – North America

TGBF | Take Me to Your Leader – North America

Explore diverse professional perspectives, as well as our own, by diving into the recorded sessions from the 2020 Good Business Festival.

New Zealand and Canada have become the poster children for how to deal with crises following swift, effective and compassionate reactions not just to Covid-19 but natural disasters, terrorism and extreme weather events.

Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau’s styles of governing are characterised by camaraderie, empathy and transparency which aren’t the traditional pillars of leadership – but does this kind of good governing make it easier for good businesses to succeed? When we compare the business climate in these countries with their neighbours in Australia and America, who comes out on top, and what can we learn from alternative approaches?

Do we have to choose between governance led by compassion or economics? Does putting the lives of your citizens first, making values-led decisions and supporting social impact mean risking economic growth and global standing, or does compassionate leadership pave the way for good businesses to succeed and therefore boost not only GDP but health, happiness and national image?

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