Sajad Omar

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Sajad Omar

Social Impact Intern

Omar is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Governance, Leadership, and Ethics, along with Business Management and Organizational Studies, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. He has a keen interest in project management and social activism, particularly focusing on education.

We live in a world increasingly governed by analysis and logic, where the essence of love often takes a backseat. My message to the world is to remember that love is a fundamental force, capable of transforming how we reason, act, and interact. By integrating love into our daily lives and decisions, we can enhance our collective well-being. Embrace love fearlessly and unconditionally. Remember, love is not an overnight journey—it must be cultivated bit by bit, every day, much like tending to a flame. If you neglect it, it will extinguish. feed it with positive thoughts and action. This philosophy of love and goodwill forms the foundation of my work.

My favorite aspect of working at Impakt is the opportunity to engage with a wide range of fields. My interests span across various disciplines, and I enjoy continuous learning and interaction with diverse topics. Impakt supports my multidisciplinary approach and provides a dynamic and enriching environment that perfectly aligns with my curiosity and passion for exploring different areas.

Among the social causes that resonate with me, the intersection of education and human well-being in the age of AI stands out. As history has progressed from primal challenges to modern complexities, our physical adversities have lessened,yet mental health issues persist and, in some views, have intensified. I am particularly fascinated by the potential of AI to enhance human capabilities and improve our quality of life. At the same time, I enjoy diving into  policy work that supports technological advancements while safeguarding humanity, with the goal of enhancing the prosperity of our societies.

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