Power to Be: Social Purpose Manifesto

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Power to Be: Social Purpose Manifesto

Everyone Belongs in Nature

The Context for Change

An overabundance of screen time and social isolation have become modern epidemics.

There is incredible value to getting youth, adults, and vulnerable communities outside. Without nature, we miss out on some of life’s most wonderful and transformative experiences and opportunities to broaden personal horizons. Those with cognitive, physical, financial and social barriers face even more challenges in getting out into nature and benefit just as much, if not more, from the rejuvenating and powerful impacts of spending time in nature.

The impakt Approach

Impakt led a multi-stage review of the organization, emphasizing a human-centred approach. From the findings impakt was able to support the creation of Power to Be’s social purpose manifesto, which is an achievable organizational outcome that lives between a vision and mission statement.

Change for Good

In the social purpose manifesto, Power to Be made a commitment to be a social sector change leader. With Power to Be’s new Prospect Lake site in BC, they are rewilding a former golf course into a lush ecosystem. This new site will be leveraged to create a centre for social innovation- a Living Lab. Power to Be will partner with social change leaders from various sectors to create change models for everyone to gain access to nature, wellness, adventure and learning. This site will also be a testing ground for new technologies that support access to the outdoors.
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