Green Shield Canada: Changing Smiles Across Canada

Green Shield Canada: Changing Smiles Across Canada impakt

Green Shield Canada: Changing Smiles Across Canada

Impakt has helped Green Shield Canada (GSC) throughout their commitment to improving access to dental care for uninsured and underinsured Canadians. Their initiative strives to provide access to good oral health to the most vulnerable groups in Canada over the next 15 years.

Impakt first worked to develop an overview of oral health in Canada which involved a national research scan to understand the landscape of dental care for Canadians through the lens of improving access to dental services. Next Impakt identified the following:

Key populations that had gaps in dental care. These groups were immigrants, Indigenous people, low-income families, seniors, children, and persons with disabilities.
Next, the effects of poor oral care were identified. Poor oral care resulted in physical, social and financial impacts.

The barriers to oral care such as reasons why uninsured and underinsured Canadians were not accessing dental health care investigated. This involved challenges faced by dentists, patients and governments.

Impakt and GSC identified the key stakeholders in this national discussion and developed workshops and brainstorming sessions for the participants. These sessions resulted in developing a number of different opportunities were GSC could invest their money and resources to improving oral health for these vulnerable populations.

Through these fascinating discussions, GSC was able to start moving forward on improving the oral health and access for uninsured and underinsured Canadians.
We congratulate GSC to their commitment to these efforts and look forward to seeing their incredible progress in this area.

For more information on GSC’s social efforts, visit this link here: Green Shield Canada

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