Children’s Wish Foundation: Value of A Wish

Children’s Wish Foundation: Value of A Wish impakt

Children’s Wish Foundation: Value of A Wish

Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is the largest and only all-Canadian wish granting charity dedicated to granting wishes to Canadian children between the ages of 3 and 17 who are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Impakt has been working closely with Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada to better articulate the value of the most heartfelt wishes granted to approximately 1,095 children with a life-threatening illness annually. Through researching the value of the wish, Impakt uncovered that the wishes granted by Children’s Wish are of meaningful and measurable value to both children and families.

Through tracking academic research related to the value, gaining the perspective of key stakeholders (parents, doctors), and understanding first hand how the wish helps children we were able to uncover the following:

      1. 1. The positive emotions a child experiences when planning and experiencing their wish have powerful impacts on their family and their healing process.
    1. 2. The distraction provided by the wish is important to the treatment process and diminishes the negative side effects.
    1. 3. The recent evidence demonstrates that there are positive physical impacts resulting from the wish.
    1. 4. These impacts that are felt during the planing, experience of, and after the wish have a monumental, lasting impact on the child and family.

Impakt’s research has received national attention on various media channels:
Global News: Melissa discusses her life changing wish to meet Selena Gomez.
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