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Péter’s background is in the operational finances of the hospitality industry, having worked for luxury hotels in 3 different continents. He is currently pursuing an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, specializing in sustainability and social sector management. His main interest is environmental protection, and connectedness of environmental and social issues, especially in relation to disadvantaged populations.

To work for real change in a space where most action is only for the show, and see that there is a real demand for our services. It gives me hope for real change.

While I am generally very quiet and an introvert, I’ve been playing Brazilian samba for over 15 years. Most people are very surprised to see me playing drums in white pants, in the company of another dozens of percussionists.

This scene with our shared love towards the traditional music of Brazil gives a very unique sense of community, that I haven’t experienced anywhere else so far.

Explode Coração from one of the most famous samba schools in Rio de Janeiro, called Salgueiro, from the carnaval of 1993. It means ‘The heart is exploding’ and is a very famous song in Brazil, filled with happiness and positivity.

This song is often played at different events, and everyone sings the lyrics from the top of their lungs, which has a very special energy. This song was played at Copacabana Beach when they announced Rio de Janeiro as the organizer of the 2016 Olympics, which was truly a moment when their hearts exploded of happiness.

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