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Magdalena Kowalska

Social Purpose Leader

An expert in reputation building, Magdalena Kowalska is a communications professional who, through effective policy, helps businesses, leaders, and non-governmental organizations achieve their goals.

In her work, she concentrates on meaningful initiatives, ambitious projects that shape the way people think and live. She inspires and helps her clients with finding a more purposeful way of doing business.

On a daily basis, she manages the Warsaw-based consultancy company, which specializes in strategic communications, public affairs, public relations, research & analysis and crisis management. Privately she is engaged in charity work, supports non-governmental organizations, as well as several activities in the field of reading promotion.

She is a graduate of Polish philology at the University of Warsaw, Public Relations Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and Corporate Social Responsibility Studies at the Kozminski University in Warsaw.

Bold. Thoughtful. Inspiring.

The ability to actually focus on the most important issues and then to be able to create not only something meaningful but creative and inspiring at the same time. Another important thing is working on projects that have a positive impact, even if it is on a smaller scale. Big change starts small.

The Tailor Project. Firstly because it has a Polish context, it finds that we have shared history. Secondly, because even though it relates to history, something that happened decades ago, it couldn’t be more current.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Help (PL), Bill and Melida Gates Foundation, McDonald House Charities.

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