Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace

Associate Advisor

Having spent the last three years at Harvard University, Kate joined the Impakt team during her semester abroad. With a background in sales, media management, and communications, Kate has taken initiative, overseeing website development, implementing media strategy, and providing additional social impact advisory services.

Kate has a passion for climate action; in recent years she has focused the majority of her studies on environmental history. Upon her return to university, Kate will author a thesis on Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline, allowing her to graduate with an honours degree in History.

Open-minded, imaginative, determined.

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by nature, climate change and environmental issues are of foremost importance to me. I want to help eliminate climate change not only to protect the environment but more importantly, to stop the amplification of existing social issues as its byproduct.

I would say that history has proven to us that anything is possible. We simply need the optimism and ingenuity to imagine something else, and the tenacious and continued collaboration to pursue it. This is the mindset I believe we will need to tackle issues like climate change.

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