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Fatemeh Alhosseini

Executive Director, Impakt Foundation

Fatemeh Alhosseini, a highly motivated and accomplished professional, obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology and Education from the University of Toronto. With a deep passion for knowledge sharing and a fresh perspective on non-profits, she actively drives positive change through meaningful employment initiatives. Her unwavering commitment to empowering others has earned her recognition as a dedicated advocate for change.

At the intersection of financial autonomy, culturally relevant programs, and social impact, Fatemeh’s expertise focuses on innovative approaches that uplift marginalized communities. By challenging conventional practices, she seeks out new opportunities for growth and influence within the non-profit sector. As an Executive Director, Fatemeh is dedicated to leveraging the unique skills and perspectives that newcomers bring, advocating for inclusive hiring practices, fostering entrepreneurship, and contributing to Canada’s economic growth and societal enrichment.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Fatemeh cherishes quality time with her big Persian family, and passionately engages in rock-climbing, swimming, dancing, and cooking.

Connect with Fatemeh Alhosseini to embark on collaborative and innovative projects, exchange inspiring ideas, and collectively make a profound and meaningful impact. Plus, she might even teach you a killer dance move or share her secret recipe for the perfect Persian dish – just an added bonus of working with her!

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