Elana Hazghia

Elana Hazghia

Director of Partnerships

Elana has over a decade of experience in building partnerships and new opportunities for social enterprises, startups, and NGOs on a global scale. She has worked extensively with clients and partners to deliver impactful projects in global health, women’s empowerment, IT, extraction, and sustainability.

Elana’s experience has spanned borders and industries, from implementing complex health technology programs in DR Congo to building a cross-cultural peacebuilding program in Guatemala, to supporting Canadian SMEs in growing their presence in emerging markets.

What drew me to Impakt is what makes it unique–Impakt takes a thoughtful, human approach to social change. We aren’t looking for surface-level solutions. Impakt facilitates tangible, lasting, and equitable solutions to incredibly complex problems. And I’m excited to take part in it!

I’ve been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember.

I have worked in global health for a long time, and I strongly believe that health is one of the core foundations of social change. You cannot have quality education without good health. You cannot find a job without good health. You cannot help others without good health. My experience in this sector has helped me appreciate the importance of equitable access to quality healthcare–not just as a human right, but as a door to more opportunity.

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