Change for Good Health seeks to improve the lives of all people living in Canada through equitable access to physical activity.

The pandemic is amplifying the negative impacts of physical inactivity

The lack of access to physical activity facilities, spaces and programs during the pandemic has put more people than ever at risk of lowered immunity, heart disease, obesity, substance abuse and increased stress and loneliness. The risks are even greater for those in vulnerable communities.

We know most people aren’t active enough, and people in marginalized groups are at even greater risk, The pandemic has really brought this health issue to the forefront.

Physical activity should be a right. Something everyone can access.

New ideas, innovations and actions are urgently needed to address this parallel health crisis and help more people get moving. We need varying perspectives and expertise to find the best way forward.

Change for Good Health has revealed the need to create the right conditions for everyone to be active.

Leading experts and organizations in the sport, recreation, fitness, academic and healthcare sectors rallied to share their research and perspectives. All agreed that a new approach is necessary to address this escalating health crisis.

The Change for Good Health initiative has a singular purpose: to mobilize leadership and action in the sports, physical activity and recreation sectors to ensure that all people living in Canada have safe, inclusive, and equitable opportunities for physical activity.

A discussion paper and recommendations for action will be available in May 2021.

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