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Change for Good - a book by Paul Klein

More than a year into a global pandemic, profit and shareholder value are no longer the primary metric of business success. Customers, shareholders, and communities are demanding that companies do good, do more, and do better. In Change for Good, Paul Klein, founder and president of impakt, shows how companies must move beyond what he calls “corporate social responsibility light” and demonstrate how they can help solve social problems that have been defined as UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Cover of the book "Change for Good" by Paul Klein

Change for Good Roads is an initiative of Parachute, a Canadian national injury prevention organization. Representatives from 17 organizations – from cycling groups to urbanists and disability advocates – worked together throughout fall 2021, to develop a clear and cohesive strategy towards safe, healthy and equitable urban roads.

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We’ve put a priority on speaking with social change leaders from around the world and from people with lived experience themselves, about what’s worked, what hasn’t and why. We call this Change for Good and we are committed to sharing these conversations so that others in the social change space have an opportunity to be inspired and the tools to be effective.

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In collaboration with David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans, philanthropist and fitness pioneer, Change for Good Health is a global coalition of fitness, health and wellness leaders committed to taking action on improving the physical, mental and emotional health for all Canadians during and after the pandemic. This initiative unites individuals and organizations at the forefront of innovative research and practice in the field of physical activity, bringing a diverse set of perspectives to bear on the pressing issue of how to improve the lives of all people living in Canada through physical activity.

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