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Change For Good book now available for purchase

Change for Good: An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World’s Most Urgent Social Problems is now available in a bookstore near you. Below we collected some media appearances from the past weeks where Paul talks about why “CSR light” is not enough anymore, and why businesses should take a stronger stance when it comes to social problems.

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Live book launch event with the Lee-Chin Family Institute of Rotman School of Management on April 6

Join this online event with Paul Kline, author of Change for Good, president and CEO of impakt, founder of Impakt Foundation for Social Change, and Kenneth Corts Vice-Dean, Research, Strategy, and Resources, Academic Director, Lee-Chin Institute for Corporate Citizenship.

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Canadian Author And Founder Of Impakt Urges Companies To Stop ‘CSR Lite’ And Start To Solve Social Problems

by Christopher Marquis, Forbes

There is increasing attention to businesses delivering value to all stakeholders, and the benefits of sustainability and equity in the workplace. However, it is not clear the extent to which such pronouncements are authentic, or at least authentically implemented.

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Nothing Without Us

When businesses have serious problems, they find people who have experience in successfully solving similar problems. When it comes to helping to address important social problems, businesses make decisions about how this will be done based on having no experience with the problems they are trying to help solve.

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The hazards of performative CSR action

by Justin Crann, Strategy

Brands have made a lot of noise about their social efforts. But too often, it’s more flash than substance, says Impakt CEO Paul Klein.

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Social Impact Authors: How & Why Paul Klein of Impakt Is Helping To Change Our World

by Edward Sylvan, Authority Magainze

I hope that Change for Good will inspire corporations to stop practicing what I call “CSR lite” — when businesses do the minimum amount required to be seen to be responsible rather than making a meaningful commitment to helping to solve social problems and taking action to make this happen. Instead, corporations have the opportunity to benefit from helping to actually solve social problems.

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Video: How brands & consumers can support long-term change

by Global News

With Earth Day quickly approaching, you’ve no doubt seen companies launching environment-centred campaigns. But at a time when many businesses seem to take performative action, what can companies and consumers do to promote long-term social change?

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Video: Author releases new book ‘Change for Good’

by CTV News Regina

Businesses should be responsible for a much broader definition of their impact on the society.

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Video: Social Change and the Power of the Customer

by CTV News Saskatoon

Over the past several years we’ve all seen the power customers have in creating social change, putting your money where your values and your ethics are.

Video: Changing for Good: The Right Way

by CP24

We entered an era where social change is almost demanded from major organizations. Those that don’t move past “CSR light” could face some dire consequences.

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Author Paul Klein talks about the growing issue of social washing


Now more than ever companies are taking a stand on social and political issues, but usually for short-term promotions.

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