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We believe that real and lasting social change is urgently needed and within reach. Founded in 2001, we are a B Corp with a singular mission: to help corporations and civil society organizations solve social problems. Our promise is to do everything we can to help end poverty, protect the planet and increase prosperity for people in need.

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Learn more about how impakt is contributing to social change.

impakt Advisory

impakt Advisory

Our B Corp helps corporations to design and implement proprietary social change programs

impakt Advisory

Learn more.
impakt Foundation

impakt Foundation

A registered charity with a mission of creating pathways to employment for people in need.

impakt Foundation

Learn more about the impakt Foundation for Social Change here.
Change for Good

Change for Good

In our new series of virtual conversations, we invite social leaders and global thinkers to convene, learn, and innovate.

Change for Good

Learn about our new Change for Good initiative here.
Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Explore conversations and thought leadership at the intersection of business and social change on our new Change for Good page.

Thought Leadership

You can explore our new archive here.
Team members

Core Team

IMPAKT Paul Klein

Paul Klein

CEO & Founder
IMPAKT Elana Hazghia

Elana Hazghia

Director of Partnerships
IMPAKT Elizabeth Castrillon Jimenez

Elizabeth Castrillon

Director Advisory Services
Maya Stevens-Uninsky

Maya Stevens-Uninsky

Evaluation Consultant
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Péter Sós



The Leadership
Team members

Social Purpose Leaders

Rem Langan Impakt

Rem Langan

Social Purpose Leader, Marketing and Communications Professional
Jon Packer Impakt

Jon Packer

Social Purpose Leader, Communications and Media Strategist
IMPAKT Clifford Moss

Clifford Moss

Social Purpose Leader

Magdalena Kowalska

Social Purpose Leader
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